Data & Research
Assess client/patient stress with our computerized test.
  • Participants complete the questionnaire online.
  • We email you individualized reports as pdf files you can print.
Your clinic, practice, or center can
offer a complete stress assessment
that provides an individualized report
to each participant.
Only $15.95 each.
We offer professional
discounts on quantity
purchases of:
  • Our CD that gives audio
    instructions for relaxation
    and meditation
Free workshop outlines are
included with quantity book
The Preventive Measures Brief Computerized Stress Inventory
(Brief CSI)
is a 20-minute assessment of over 16 lifestyle areas.
  • The program generates an 8-page individualized profile plus graph of each
    respondent's levels of stress and satisfaction.
  • Introduced in 1987 and normed on a national sample of over 3500
    respondents, the Preventive Measures Brief Computerized Stress Inventory
    is reliable, valid and easy to use.
  • The individualized Preventive Measures Personal Stress Profile quickly helps
    people identify sources and symptoms of stress, and suggests action for
    positive change.
  • Adds another service to your program, while using very little extra staff time.
  • We can generate group or corporate reports from your data.
  • We developed the CSI as an outgrowth of our own years of professional
    experience teaching people to understand and cope with life stress. The
    inventory is grounded in scientific research, yet takes an educational
  • Most professionals are pleasantly surprised at how easy the CSI is to use,
    how helpful people find it, and how well it complements other aspects of
    their programs.
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