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Preventive Measures Data and Research Services
Here's some of what we can do for you:
Design database applications customized for your program or business, and
show you how to use these tools to manage and analyze your data.
Develop questionnaires, surveys or other instruments to collect the
information you need about your program or business.
Design and conduct outcome evaluation studies to examine how well your
program or business is meeting its goals.
Analyze your data using appropriate statistical techniques or qualitative
Present results and recommendations in clear, usable reports, articles or
Examples of our work include:
  • Created a data management system for an adoption agency in a Midwestern State.
  • Created an Access application for the Division of Child and Family Services that generates outcome reports and graphs
    using Excel.
  • Designed and conducted a descriptive analysis of multiple year sales data for a major local business.
  • Designed and conducted an evaluation of  the outcomes of a community program for frail elders.
  • Created Access 97 and 2000 database applications for the Division of Mental Health for two mountain states; generated
    reports and graphs.
  • Completed a qualitative analysis of data from consumers of community mental health programs and their families.
  • Created a database management system and statistically analyzed multiple research projects on fatigue.
  • Designed and conducted a national study of best practices in community-based volunteer programs that provide home-
    repair and chore services to elders.
  • Designed client satisfaction forms for participants of child welfare.
  • Designed and conducted an evaluation of audience satisfaction with two special exhibits at a university art museum.
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Allan N. Press, Ph.D.
Lynn Osterkamp, Ph.D.,M.S.W.
  • B.S. in math, the Massachusetts Institute of
    Technology; M.A. & Ph.D. in social and research
    psychology, Clark University.
  • 20+ years experience in social programs, training and
    research. Served on national, regional and local boards
    and committees evaluating programs and policies.
  • 20+ years experience as a university faculty member
    teaching comprehensive research and statistics
    courses to doctoral and masters students.
  • Experienced researcher with qualitative and quantitative
    analysis skills. 13+ years experience as a university
    research associate.
  • Data management, research, statistical analysis,
    database programming, and dissemination in a
    variety of agency and business settings.
  • Skilled writer.  Over 20 popular and scholarly published
    articles, books & manuals, as well as 7+ years writing
    and editing national professional newsletters.  
  • Experienced in developing computer-aided
    assessments, computer-aided learning, and web-
    based trainings.
  • As a grant writer, generated over $175,000 of funded
    projects individually, and also served as a team member
    acquiring large training and research grants.
  • Skilled researcher, specializing in quantitative
    research skills. Over 50 scholarly articles, book
    chapters, and invited presentations.
  • Over 20 papers presented at national professional