Data & Research
  • Established in 1984
  • Data management, program evaluation, outcomes
    measurement, research design, statistical analysis
  • Stress-management materials, workshops & consulting
  • Publishing
When we incorporated our Preventive Measures in 1984, our primary purpose was to market and sell
Computerized Stress Inventory (CSI), a stress and coping "check-up" that provides respondents
with individualized feedback on their stresses and strengths, including suggestions for positive change.
Over the years, we developed two additional versions of this assessment instrument, the
Brief CSI and
Quick CSI. We also developed an Australian version in conjunction with the Queensland developed
an Australian version in conjunction with the Queensland Teachers' Union Health Society.
Our accompanying stress-management book, Stress? Find Your Balance, was originally published by a
small Denver publisher. A couple of years later, when that publishing company went out of business,
we bought back the rights to the book and all that remained of the original 10,000 copies.
We revised the book in 1988 and have since printed
and sold another 40,000 copies. An Australian edition
was published in 1994 by Stresstrac. Our newly
revised fourth edition of
Stress? Find Your Balance
(2006) is now available through online and retail
bookstores, and we are expanding our publishing
business though our new imprint, PMI Books.
In 1998, we again expanded the scope of Preventive
Measures' activity to incorporate our data and
research services when we relocated ourselves and
our business to Boulder, CO. Preventive Measures
offers a full range of data management, program
evaluation and research design services, customized
to meet the needs of our clients. Services we provide
include designing customized database applications,
creating data management systems, developing
customized questionnaires, surveys or other
instruments, and designing and conducting studies to
determine how well a program or business is meeting
its goals.
Despite all this activity, Preventive Measures is a
truly small business, run by two people who have
simultaneously worked at university teaching and
research and in community social programs.
Whenever we describe the scope of our business
activity, we are reminded of a scruffy young man
who stopped by our house in the country one
afternoon in the late 1970s to drop off his business
card, which read "Zen Buddhism and vinyl repair." If
the connection isn't obvious, read more of our
material. We think you'll agree.
Allan N. Press, Ph.D.
Lynn Osterkamp, Ph.D.,M.S.W.
  • B.S. in math, the
    Massachusetts Institute of
    Technology; M.A. & Ph.D. in
    social and research
    psychology, Clark University.
  • 20+ years experience in
    social programs, training and
    research. Served on national,
    regional and local boards and
    committees evaluating
    programs and policies.
  • 20+ years experience as a
    university faculty member
    teaching comprehensive
    research and statistics courses
    to doctoral and masters
  • Experienced researcher with
    qualitative and quantitative
    analysis skills. 13+ years
    experience as a university
    research associate.
  • Data management, research,
    statistical analysis, database
    programming, and
    dissemination in a variety of
    agency and business settings.
  • Skilled writer.  Over 20
    popular and scholarly
    published articles, books &
    manuals, as well as 7+ years
    writing and editing national
    professional newsletters.  
  • Skilled researcher, specializing
    in quantitative research skills.
    Over 50 scholarly articles,
    book chapters, and invited
  • As a grant writer, generated
    over $175,000 of funded
    projects individually, and also
    served as a team member
    acquiring large training and
    research grants.
  • Experienced in developing
    computer-aided assessments,
    computer-aided learning, and
    web-based trainings.
  • Over 20 papers presented at
    national professional