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Comments From Professional Reviewers and CSI Users....
  • “The potential applications for the CSI are numerous and this does represent a significant software contribution, notably to the
    field of stress management. The program has utility for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors and mental
    health professionals. The patient report that is generated by the program is detailed, individualized and specific. It does away with
    ambiguous statements or generalizations and focuses on what the patient is really concerned about and what he can do about it.
    The report is a wonderful summary that the patient can take away, study, think over, and then discuss and act upon.In
    summary, the Computerized Stress Inventory is not only a highly recommended software package, but also a commendable
    contribution to stress assessment.”    Diskovery: A Software Review Newsletter
  • “The CSI has been a valuable asset to my private practice. It is easy to use and provides a quick, economical, and thorough
    evaluation of the type and degree of stress a person is experiencing. My patients seem genuinely impressed with the entire
    concept of taking and reviewing the CSI. My patients and I have also been pleased with the accuracy that we perceive in the
    data generated from the CSI...“From a business standpoint, the CSI has been very profitable. I recaptured my entire start-up
    costs within the first six weeks. I estimate that in my first year I will have a profit ten times greater than the purchase
    price.”         Craig S. Brown, Ed.D., Licensed Psychologist
  • “The CSI’s developers are to be commended for their consistent emphasis on respondents’ strengths. For example, early in the
    program the CSI asks questions about creativity and feelings about making a difference in the world. Also, results are presented
    in a supportive and suggestive manner, with the responsibility for final interpretation resting squarely on the respondents’
    shoulders....The CSI also lives up to its billing as being easily-administered. The program contains well-written instructions that
    allowed us easily to create a test file, administer the test, and print out the results. Both respondent and test- administrator are
    kept informed of program operations, such as how to prepare the test or to get ready for upcoming instruction changes, through
    screen messages.”    Computers in Psychiatry/Psychology
  • “The narrative is executed well. It is comprehensive, well-organized, and professional, and it is written at a level comprehensible
    to ‘average’ readers.”    Micropsych Network: The Psychology and Behavioral Science Computer Newsletter
  • We’ve been particularly impressed with the self-help and educational aspects of the Computerized Stress Inventory. ..This is
    very much in keeping with our philosophy of wellness and fits in very nicely with the type of moderately stressed individual we
    see most often in our practice. In addition to the use of your program in our wellness effort, we’ve also found it very useful in
    dealing with our general practice population...It’s a very time-efficient way of obtaining a lot of important information.In
    summary, we’ve been very happy to have the use of the CSI; we find it accurate, relevant, efficient and educational in both
    treatment and prevention of social and stress-related problems.”    Steven C. Bruner, M.D. Family Medicine
  • “The element that I like best about the CSI is that you have integrated your book, Stress? Find Your Balance and the CSI
    Inventory so as to create a natural and logical follow-through. The Inventory has advantages over other inventories because it
    actually refers clients to specific readings which speak to areas of weakness or difficulty. For the therapist this is a wonderful
    structure, not as an end, but as a way of exploring and developing even more meaningful possibilities for change. This is truly a
    client-oriented tool.”    Milton A. Rubin, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist
  • “I have found the CSI to be a useful tool to focus stress issues with our employees. Each of the employees who elects to take
    the Stress Inventory is given a copy of Stress? Find Your Balance. The response from them has been very positive. The process
    has highlighted job stress or home stress issues that give a strong starting point in the counseling process.”     James T. Carroll,
    Associate Director Employee Assistance Program,Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co.
  • “The Computerized Stress Inventory has been a positive addition to our WELLIFE assessment program. It is simple to take and
    we find the printout and graphic depiction of results to be easily interpreted by our patients and their physicians. The WELLIFE
    program has found the CSI to be an up-to-date positive approach to personal stress level awareness.”    Deena L. Cobb, MS
    Exercise Physiologist