Data & Research
Survey Finds Employees Say Stress Package Helps
In 1988-89, HMC-Richmond, an affiliate of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Virginia, used the
Preventive Measures Brief CSI and the book Stress? Find Your Balance as the basis for a
program they called
Your Tension Plan. HMC offered the program to employers who then
provided their employees with copies of the Brief CSI Questionnaire. Each employee who
completed the questionnaire received a confidential
Personal Stress Profile and a copy of the
Stress? Find Your Balance. Over 1,200 small businesses participated.
Approximately six months later, HMC-Richmond and Preventive Measures, Inc. conducted a
follow-up survey of a random sample of the employees who had participated in the program.
Analysis of data collected from 162 participants (45% male, 55% female) aged 18-90
showed highly positive responses. Specifically:
  • 86% said they had read their Stress Profile through once or several times.
  • 74% said they had learned some or a lot about themselves from reading their Stress
  • 59% said they had tried one or more of the stress-management techniques described
    in the book.
  • 62% reported a decrease in their level of stress since taking the Brief CSI and
    receiving their profile and book.
  • 57% said the package had helped them deal with stress in their lives.
  • 77% said they would recommend the stress-management package to others.
The survey participants were also given the opportunity to make individual comments about
the package or their own experiences. Responses included:
  • “Good idea. I feel Blue Cross really cares about me.”
  • “The package helped me realize what caused my stress.’
  • “1 appreciated the information and welcomed the insight. The profile was completely
    on target, very revealing. I plan to read it again often.”
  • "The book is one of the best self-help books I've ever read. It lets you know you are
    not alone in your feelings and problems. It also offers so many different ways of
    managing stress instead of just one."
  • "I received my profile and book the day after my vacation. After a week's vacation in
    the west, I realized that I really needed a break from a lot of the things that caused
    my stress. I came back with a much different attitude. The information from HMC
    allowed me to see the difference that a vacation can make. That was June, and as
    time allowed me to see the difference that a vacation can make. That was June, and
    as time passed, I have found myself falling back into the same patterns, but the
    difference is that now I realize how I allow stress to enter my life and I am more
    aware of ways to deal with it! I’m still working on it and I plan to continue with the
    help of my book. Thank you very much!”
  • "The profile is great. I’d like to see where I stand next year. The techniques help
    tremendously. I plan to continue.”
Employees Report Increased Use of
Stress-Management Techniques
Six months after receiving their stress
profiles and books, 42% of the employees
who participated in the HMC program said
they were regularly using one or more new
stress- management techniques. Sixty-three
percent reported increased regular use
techniques already familiar to them.
Physical exercise
Muscle relaxation
Healthy eating
Handling criticism
Time management
percentage of 162 HMC respondents