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Comments From Health and mental Health Professionals on the value of  Stress
Find Your Balance
  • “Contains a multitude of helpful stress-fighting strategies presented in an understandable and concise
    fashion. My clients find it brief enough to read while at the same time comprehensive enough to be of
    value. A commendable contribution to stress-management training!”    Craig S. Brown, Ed.D., P.C.
    Licensed Psychologist
  • “A GREAT BOOK! People turn to a chapter, find a suggestion or a technique that seems to apply, try
    it, and it usually helps. The book is very readable and the instructions for the techniques are so clear
    that people can follow them easily. A terrific self-help book—A REAL CONTRIBUTION!”    John
    Garrison, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist
  • “In one brief and very readable volume, Osterkamp and Press have managed to distill the very essence
    of the stress-management literature. Stress? Find Your Balance covers the central threads of stress
    management so well, I refer to it as ‘the Cliffs Notes of stress management.’ I have found this book
    to be an invaluable tool in working in a stress counseling role. People of virtually all levels of stress
    and all walks of life can find something of value—which they use!”   Frank J. Gilbert, Ph.D.
    Wellness Coordinator
  • “A GEM OF A BOOK! Straight-forward, usable. It’s many concrete examples add greatly to its
    value."     A. Harvey Baker, Ph.D.Professor of Psychology
  • “Stress? Find Your Balance contains an excellent sample of stress-management procedures for our
    patients to start with to find out what works best for them. People really benefit from the book’s
    encouraging them to customize their own programs. Our patients often bring the book with them—I’
    ve seen their copies become more and more dog-eared with time. People not only like this book, they
    use it well.”    Erik Lauer, Biofeedback Therapist
  • “I’ve found Stress? Find Your Balance to be valuable and effective in helping clients in my private
    practice to reduce their stress. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the book is the way it helps
    people deal with change by answering the ultimate question, ‘How?’” Milton A. Rubin, Ph.D.,
    Licensed Psychologist
  • “Our employees response to the book, Stress? Find Your Balance has been very positive. I have found
    it to be a useful tool to focus stress issues with our employees by highlighting job stress or home
    stress issues.”  James T. Carroll, Employee Assistance Officer