The third book in the Cleo Sims  Mystery Series
A Paranormal mystery series set in Boulder, Colorado
Sabrina Larson wants her fortieth birthday to be a major milestone—
the beginning of a new life. But it looks more like the end for the
Boulder, Colorado nurse when she mysteriously disappears while
celebrating with her women's group in a mountain wilderness area.
Search teams comb the region for days, but find no trace of her.
Close friends and family fight bitterly amongst themselves telling
different stories about what happened. Is she dead? Kidnapped? A
Cleo Sims, a local grief therapist who has discovered a process that
lets grieving people contact the spirits of departed loved ones, is
pulled in to help by one of Sabrina's friends who is desperate to find
out the truth. Cleo is reluctant to involve herself in yet another
possible murder investigation, but the friend's brother is Cleo's
benefactor who funds her Contact Project. When he prevails on Cleo
to help find out what happened to the missing woman, she can't
As the search goes on and the mystery deepens, Cleo finds herself
digging into some dangerous secrets. As usual, her persistence,
curiosity, and compassion keep her enmeshed in the investigation
even when new developments threaten the very core of her
personal life
Too Many Secrets is the third book in the award-winning Cleo Sims
mystery series set in the mountain community of Boulder Colorado.
Like the others, it can also be read as a stand-alone book.
Too Many Secrets
a mystery by Lynn Osterkamp
"I highly recommend this book. If readers love a whodunit mystery, then this is
one of those books that will keep you turning the pages until the end."
The Book Connoisseur.
"This book pulled me in from the beginning. With a little paranormal thrown in,
this book gave me everything I want in a mystery book."
Dan Dixon, Goodreads.
"All of the characters are convincing and very believable. They seemed like a group
of people I might meet in daily life."
Melissa Simpson, Goodreads.
"Cleo was very easy to connect with. She seems like a best friend that was always
getting into something."            
Imagination in Books.
"I felt transported to Boulder, Colorado. When an author can actually make me
feel like I am the main character, then I believe an author has a skill that should be
widely promoted."
--Mary Below, Goodreads.
"The author takes readers on a mystery that they won't forget anytime
soon."                             --
My Reading Problem Blog.
"Started this book on the ride home from work. Finished it the same night. Very
quick and appealing read."   
Paul Nelson, Goodreads.
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A recommended read