Too Near the Edge
a mystery by Lynn Osterkamp
Winner of 2007 IPPY
silver  medal. Best
Regional Fiction,
West-Mountain Region.
When park rangers find Adam’s crumpled body 300 feet below the rim of the
Grand Canyon, they think he was one more careless tourist. But back home in
Boulder, Colorado, his grief-stricken wife Sharon is sure he was murdered.
She won’t rest until she knows why he was so troubled in the month before he
died. Over the objections of her prominent father, she turns to grief therapist
Cleo Sims, who runs a project that re-unites people with dead loved ones.
Despite threats and warnings, Cleo takes on the challenge to help Sharon
contact Adam and solve the mystery of his death. She gets extra
encouragement from Tyler, a surfer-dude spirit who visits her from beyond,
offers cryptic advice, and pushes her to “ride the wave” with Sharon. In this hip
mountain community where high tech meets new age, their investigation
involves suspects whose activities range from traditional to cutting-edge to
Tension mounts as Cleo’s digging uncovers a sinister underbelly of scams,
fraud and deceit. Her professional reputation and her life are on the line as
she struggles to sort reality from illusion, good from evil, and truth from
Too Near the Edge is a character-driven mystery with a paranormal twist, a
humorous tone, and a whimsical heroine who grapples with tough questions
about love, reality, ethics and  trust.
"A very readable mystery
that kept me wondering
right up to the point where
the culprit was unmasked.
A winner for sure."
  --TCM Reviews
"Gets hold of you from the first
page and you can't seem to put it
down. Recommended to anyone
who loves
"I give Too Near the Edge
an 8 out of 10 on the
Weaver meter."
--Sid Weaver,                         
Mainly Mysteries
The first book in the Cleo &
Tyler Mystery Series
A Paranormal mystery series
set in Boulder, Colorado
"I find your writing style
to be very smooth and
easy to read...seamless. I
really enjoyed your
book...will be looking
forward to the next.
--A Sisters in Crime
member reader