Reviews of Too Far Under
Reviewed by Fran Lewis

March 9, 2011
Mirabel Townes is murdered. Heiress, scientologist is drowning in her hot tub. Pronouncing her dead at the scene
and a tragic accident the police are satisfied but her children suspect murder. Cleo Sims helps people communicate
with the dead through her Contact Project. Two different minds, one that is going to crumble and another that no
one wants to believe as Angelica Townes fights to find out the truth behind her mother’s death as I review
Far Under
by author Lynn Osterkamp
Cleo Sims’s Gramma has Alzheimer’s. Cleo agreed to care for her. With her grandmother’s nursing home about to
close down and all of the residents become homeless, Cleo needs to find a viable solution to this serious problem.
Nursing Homes that are safe and care for their patients are few and far between and the one her grandmother
lives needs funding and those in charge have no qualms about shutting it down. As Cleo is focused on her
grandmother’s situation and finding another home for her, Lacey Townes the daughter of Mirabel Townes
approaches her leaving frantic messages that she needs to enlist her help to find out the truth about her mother’
s death. With a sister, who is an Indigo child, one that has psychic abilities, bright, sensitive and sees beyond the
surface, Angelica knows that her mother was killed but cannot tell who did it without Cleo’s help. But, there is
much more to this outstanding paranormal and unique novel.
Author Lynn Osterkamp introduces us to many areas many of we would ordinarily not be aware of. With the
ability to contact those that are deceased using her Contact Program, Cleo hopes to help Lacey and her family
find out the truth behind Maribel’s death. But, at what expense and how dangerous can this become? Added to
that Cleo has a ghostly friend named Tyler, who appears only to her and who specifically tells her to help Angelica
and her sister and put her grandmother’s problems on the back burner? But, can she when the home is closing in
60 days, where will she turn and what will she do when the pressure is on.
Angelica is a special child crying for help, but are her concerns unfounded? As Cleo tries to find out the truth
behind Angelica’s sense of her mother’s death, her father and live in mistress foil any further opportunities for her
to learn more stating that she needed direction, medication and treatment by a doctor of their choice. Hiding the
truth, covering something or just not wanting to believe this ten-year-old child’s insights and senses Cleo
becomes embroiled in situations that could cost many lives. Feeling a close connection or strong sense of her
mother being murdered, Angelica pleads with Cleo through Lacey to help connect with Mirabel and learn the truth.
Suspects mount up but where should the final finger point? As Angelica’s father and live-in mistress foil any
attempts from Cleo to treat her or communicate with her again, Cleo decides to work with either Lacey or Shane.
Greed can do many things to a person and money is one of the prime issues of all of the suspects. Who gets
Mirabel’s money and who is cut out of the new will if anyone can find it? When Angelica takes matters into her
own hands and gets foiled by the killer, will anyone be able to save her or will it be too late? Added to that is the
rocky relationship that Cleo has with her boyfriend Pablo and the twist at the end that might change it all.
Author Lynn Osterkamp created a plot filled with twists, turns and surprises placing Cleo, Angelica and Lacey in
the direct path of a clever murderer. Everyone wants to know what is in Mirabel’s will and what her final wishes
really were. Who will benefit and who is really cut out? What is the hidden truth about why Cleo’s Gramma’s
paintings are not selling at full price? Who stands to lose if a new will is uncovered and to what lengths will the
players in the story go to find out? The suspense becomes intense and the ending is quite riveting as our author
brings this story to a dramatic conclusion. Who killed Mirabel? What will happen when Shady Terrace closes and
will her Gramma have a safe place to live? Read
Too Far Under and find out who got in too deep.
TCM Reviews
Reviewed by John R.Clark

April 15, 2011
I reviewed and very much liked the first book
in the series
Too Near The Edge, and was
curious how well the main characters and the
themes would carry over. I'm happy to say,
reading this book was like getting together
with a good friend after a lengthy absence. It
was comfortable, easy to get into and built
nicely on the first book.
While reading this without having read the
previous book would be an enjoyable
experience, I strongly encourage potential
readers to start with
Too Near The Edge so
they will get full enjoyment out of book two.
I recently introduced one of my pickier library
patrons to the first book and she is eagerly
awaiting the second to hit the library shelves.
This is a good book for mystery lovers who
like a touch of the supernatural, like cozies, or
who simply enjoy a well-crafted mystery.