Too Far Under
a mystery by Lynn Osterkamp
The second book in the Cleo & Tyler
Mystery Series
A Paranormal mystery series set in
Boulder, Colorado

"Just enough of a paranormal touch to make
the story extraordinary. I highly recommend
this novel and look forward to finding out
what Osterkamp has in store for Cleo in her
next novel."
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Mirabel Townes has her share of enemies.
But when the wealthy heiress and lapsed
Scientologist drowns in her backyard hot
tub one August night, the police
pronounce it a tragic accident. Her
daughters, who suspect murder, refuse to
accept that ruling. Determined to unmask
their mother’s killer, they beg grief
therapist Cleo Sims, to accept them into
her Contact Project that helps people
communicate with dead loved ones.
Unable to resist the pleas of ten-year-old
Angelica Townes, a self-professed Indigo
child, Cleo ignores warnings from her
police-detective lover and agrees to help
contact Mirabel. In the new-age mountain
community of Boulder, Colorado where
reality is often up-for-grabs, Cleo finds
herself entangled in a perilous and
perplexing search for truth. As she
explores Mirabel’s life and death, she
confronts serious issues of trust, tough
ethical dilemmas, life-threatening
challenges, and questions about the
influence of money on family loyalty and
love. In the process she makes a personal
discovery that will change her life forever.
"Author Lynn Osterkamp created a plot filled
with twists, turns and surprises placing
Cleo, Angelica and Lacey in the direct path
of a clever murderer....The suspense
becomes intense and the ending is quite
riveting as our author brings this story to a
dramatic conclusion....Read
Too Far Under
and find out who got in too deep."