Lynn Osterkamp's Books
The first in the Cleo Sims
Mystery Series set in Boulder,
Winner of 2007 IPPY silver
medal, Best Regional Fiction,
West-Mountain Region

"A very readable mystery that kept me
wondering right up to the point where the
culprit was unmasked. A winner for sure."
  --TCM Reviews

"Gets hold of you from the first page and you
can't seem to put it down. Recommended to
anyone who loves

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Read the prologue and first chapter of
Too Near The Edge

Provides step-by-step instructions for
14 effective stress-management
techniques, and helps readers choose
the methods that work best for them as
they develop a six-week plan to reduce

“A GREAT BOOK! People turn to a
chapter, find a suggestion or a
technique that seems to apply, try it,
and it usually helps. The book is very
readable and the instructions for the
techniques are so clear that people can
follow them easily. A terrific self-help
--John Garrison, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

Read what health and mental health
professionals say about
Stress? Find Your Balance

Read a personal account from a
reader who used the techniques to
reduce stress.

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See the Table of Contents

“A good self-help book that will benefit many young adults
seeking to better understand and improve their
relationships with their parents… well written and well
researched, and full of helpful examples and wise advice.”
-The Authoritative Guide to Self-Help Books, by John W
Santrock, Ph.D., Ann M. Minnett,Ph.D., & Barbara D.
Campbell (The Guilford Press, 1994)

“This book will help you communicate more effectively with
your family and get along with them more smoothly. The
author helps you set goals for improving relationships and
then helps you develop a plan to meet your goals. She also
deals with issues such as coping with controlling parents,
dealing with disapproval, becoming more autonomous, and
avoiding being manipulated.”
The Great Marriage Tune-Up Book: A Proven program for
Evaluating and Renewing Your Relationships,
 by Jeffrey H.
Larson, Ph.D. (Jossey-Bass, 2002)

“This well-written book is especially helpful for adults in
their 20s and 30s who want to change and improve their
relationship with their parents. Step-by-step exercises are
provided to aid more effective communications so that old
negative patterns can be changed and guilt feelings laid to
-Oxford Brookes University Counselling Service Bibliotherapy
(List of 50 self-help books especially chosen for
their quality) (Oxford, UK)
How to Deal With Your Parents When They Still Treat You
Like a Child,
by Lynn Osterkamp
ISBN: 0-425-13137-8
Berkley, January 1994
The second in the Cleo Sims
Mystery Series set in Boulder,

"Just enough of a paranormal touch to make
the story extraordinary. I highly recommend
this novel and look forward to finding out
what Osterkamp has in store for Cleo in her
next novel."
Reader Views
"Too Far Under has 5 stars because it was
just that enjoyable. You will relate to Cleo
who seems incapable of staying out of
trouble, and the spirit, Tyler, who
communicates in his surfer slang."
--J Kirkam, Amazon Customer

"The first few pages, with Mirabel’s murder,
drew me in immediately. The rest of the
book did not disappoint as the author did a
wonderful job of keeping the story moving,
while developing characters who were
interesting and believable."
---Feathered Quill Book Reviews

Read reviews of Too Far Under
The third in the Cleo Sims
Mystery Series set in Boulder,
"I highly recommend this book. If readers
love a whodunit mystery, then this is one
of those books that will keep you turning
the pages until the end."
The Book Connoisseur Blog,
"All of the characters are convincing and
very believable. They seemed like a
group of people I might meet in daily life."
Living For Books Blog
"Cleo was very easy to connect with. She
seems like a best friend that was always
getting into something."
Imagination in Books Blog
"Started this book on the ride home from
work. Finished it the same night. Very
quick and appealing read."  
—Paul Nelson,
"Loved the beginning, the work up, the
little bit about rescue trying to find a
missing person, I did not think it could
get any better. Then I got to the end."
High Class Books Blog