Survivor Fans Love Laurel Osterkamp's New Novel
5 Stars! "Laurel Osterkamp is a brilliant author and The Holdout is a
winner. I shared Robin’s pains and joys as she fought her inner
battles dealing with love, pride, justice, and life. I loved this book -
it had a little of everything in it.
The Holdout was so well written
that I felt as though I knew Robin forever and hoped our friendship
would continue long after I finished the book. Don’t miss this one.
The Holdout and Laurel Osterkamp will be talked about for a long
The Holdout has all the makings for a long run at the top of
the bestseller list."          ---
Readers' Favorite Book Reviews
"Fans of "Survivor" will clearly recognize
"The Holdout" in Osterkamp's
novel....Osterkamp gives us an amazingly
believable inside look at how the show is
filmed, how contestants interact with
each other, and what it might be like to
have to watch an edited version of
yourself on television along with millions
of other people (who believe whatever
they see on their TV screens).... I found
THE HOLDOUT to be clever and
thoughtfully written. The characters -
especially Robin, her cousin Jack, her
brother Ian, and juror number ten - are
believable, identifiable, and endearing. I
liked these people, and by the end I
almost felt that I knew them, which says
a lot about Osterkamp's skill. This is a
good book, deserving of an audience. I
highly recommend it."              
---Amazon top 500 reviewer
"Osterkamp cleverly intertwines the two
plots - "reality" TV and jury duty - and
the outcome is most satisfying. The
romantic aspect is beautifully and
quietly done. Highly recommended
       --Amazon customer review
"I can't say enough how great this book was! I was impressed from the very start with how well-written the story was
and how perfectly the author pieced together the seemingly disparate puzzle of the main character's life. Robin and
her family were very endearing and very relatable, and the other people that passed in and out of Robin's world were
brought to life by the undeniable talent of the author. I found the level of detail about the ins and outs of the reality
show as well as Robin's time in jury duty to be truly amazing and intriguing. At times I found it hard to believe that
this was really fiction just because of how incredibly detailed the story was"      ---Amazon customer review
The reviews are in...
"Captivating entertainment, like an episode of
reality TV."    
-Kirkus Reviews
"Well written and smart, The Holdout is worth
checking out."
-San Francisco Book Review
5 Stars! "A fantastic novel that explores the complexities of family,
friendship, and sibling rivalry, the search for happiness and love, and
offers a look behind the scenes of both jury duty and reality shows,
weaving them all together in a tale that offers laughter and tears and
a triumphant ending." -
5 Stars! “The Holdout is a definite gotta read book...pick up a copy
and start reading. You won't be disappointed!”
- Feathered Quill Book
5 Stars! "I wish that every book was as easy and as enjoyable to read
as The Holdout."
-Novel Escapes
5 Stars! "Just as entertaining and addicting as reality TV, The Holdout
is a must read for lovers of wit, strength, and Survivor"
- Fiction the
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Laurel Osterkamp
Robin wanted to win The Holdout, a cutthroat
reality TV show, so she gave it her all, challenge
after challenge. Then she fell for Grant, with his
irresistible eyes and heartbreaking life story.
But Grant was only using Robin as they competed
for a million dollars.  Once home, Robin wants to
hide from the humiliation as episodes of
are aired, and she worries her family was
right all along; she’s not a survivor.
Or maybe she’ll have the last laugh.
Besides, Robin now has jury duty. And as she forges ahead, confronting
her demons about bravery, justice, and romance, Robin will come to decide
which is more important: the courage to stand alone, or the strength to
love again.
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