Reviews of Following My Toes
"I really enjoyed Faith’s story and I was firmly on
her side by the end of the book. I found that
the most self-centered bunch of people
surrounded her, from her family to her friends.
The characters were very real, even if they were
not all that likable....The stalker is a great
addition to the story. Faith’s realization of her
faults and that she is more than everyone thinks
she is, makes a very good story."
Maura. Coffee Time Romance, June 2006
"Following My Toes is a funny, believable story
about learning to live and love and let go. Faith's
problems are ones that the reader can relate to,
things that happen to everyone at some point in
their life, and that makes her a character that's
very easy to connect to. The first-person
narrative really drew me into the story, and made
me feel as though Faith were talking to me.
I really enjoyed reading Following My Toes. It is
well done and light-hearted without being overly
humorous or fake. I look forward to seeing more
from this author.
Armchair Interviews says: It is a delightful, quick
Vanessa Lee, Armchair Interviews, August
"Get ready to giggle! Author Ms. Osterkamp has penned
a tale that is pure delight and will touch the reader on
many emotional levels. Characters are multidimensional
and well formed and will worm their way into the reader’
s heart....
Ms Osterkamp wrote with realism that you don’t often
times find in fictional literature. Kudos to the author for
this believable look into a woman scorned who is trying
to move on in her life.
FOLLOWING MY TOES is about a young woman who no
one believes has psychic ability. When something good
is about to happen Faith’s toes itch. Readers won’t
need to rely on Faith’s toes to know that FOLLOWING
MY TOES is a wonderful read that will be enjoyed by all
chick lit, or women’s fiction lovers out there.
Penny, Love Romances & More, June 2006
"Osterkamp’s background as a comedy writer is readily
apparent with the nice balance between the humor and
the serious making this a good choice for a fun beach
read. I believe it’s safe to assume that Osterkamp has
many more stories to tell and I look forward to seeing
her evolution as an author."
Jennifer Murray Somerset, BookPleasures,
December 2006
"Laurel tells a wonderful story of learning to
forgive yourself and others, trusting your
instincts and not giving up when everything
seems hopeless.  Her use of second person in
the flashback scenes flows perfectly.  I honestly
didn’t even notice the change until I read the
questions in the reader’s guide.
Speaking of which--this book is great for reading
groups because it includes a reader’s guide with
eleven thought provoking discussion questions.
Oh, did I mention Faith is psychic.  There is one
line in the book I thought described the title
perfectly.  “Granted, my psychic abilities have
never been incredibly potent, but it used to be I’d
always know when something bad was about to
happen because my skin would hurt.  In turn,
when something good was about to happen, my
toes would itch.”  For me, that explained
Cindy Bergquist,The Muse Book Reviews.