Even if nobody believes her, Faith Emerson knows she’s psychic. After all,
she totally saw it coming when Peter, her boyfriend of two years, dumped
her for her best friend.
Heartbroken, Faith needs a fresh start. So when her good friend Carolyn
suggests she move from Duluth to Minneapolis, Faith takes the plunge
and embarks on a new adventure.  However, Faith soon learns things don’
t always go as planned when she’s forced to deal with a coffee shop
customer from hell, a bruised tailbone, a phone-sex operator roommate,
a freeloading little sister, her parents’ taxidermy convention, and a new
love interest who may be stalking her. Yet every time Faith tries to rely on
her perceptive abilities, friends or family accuse her of being self-involved.
Faith believes in love, but knows she must solve the stalker mystery
before she can trust any of the new men in her life. In the process she
discovers that she has more to learn about following her heart and
following her instincts than she ever imagined.
Following My Toes is a tale of love and forgiveness, told with humor and a
fresh, innovative voice!
Best Chick-Lit
Following My Toes
by Laurel Osterkamp